Almost a CrossFit Article


Way back in 2008, CrossFit and the CrossFit Journal were hot stuff. I was vaguely aware of their "Hopper model" for exercise, although they rarely actually used it for their competitions. I was also aware of other uses of randomness in exercise (and the use of randomness in many other fields) that pre-dated CrossFit. I sent the CrossFit Journal a rough draft of my thoughts on randomized exercise in general, and randomized exercise for CrossFit.

I expected to not hear anything back. What did I hear back? This:

The article ended up not being published in the CrossFit Journal. I guess Greg Glassman's followers did not approve of the article even if Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, obviously found it worthy of inclusion.

What was the source of my thoughts on making randomized exercise generalized? That would be my Introduction to Random Exercise article and the development of that, the Weighted Exercise article.

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