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What Is Fromhate Poetry?


Those of us that put our creativity out there on the internet will get haters. We will get nasty comments, emails, and so on, that go much beyond welcome criticism, from a lot of unhappy, strange, and mostly anonymous people. This is true no matter how small or large our platforms are!

I decided to take those comments and turn them into found poetry. I call this "fromhate" poetry. Of the poems I have written (which can be found here), of them are fromhate poems. Please check out these fromhate poems here. Note, the number of foundhate poems I've written does not correspond to the number of hate messages I've received - those two numbers are completely unreleated.

I make fromhate poems using the found poetry method described in Introduction to Found Poetry.

I get tremendous enjoyment from making poems using hater comments! It amounts to a miraculous transformation of sludge into something nice, and it is a skill I've honed pretty well.

I also like anonymizing, even more, their comments, by lumping the words from all haters into a single column. That takes away their power too.

An added bonus is that fromhate poems give me yet another opportunity to make income, by including affiliate links and advertisements on each fromhate poem. The haters are literally paying me.

Thanks for reading!

I'd like to give an extra-special thanks to the haters who are (count on it!) reading and being my suppliers.

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