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Group Poem


Here I show a simple way to make a poem using a group's input. I did this in highschool with a calculator program I made for my Texas Instruments calculator. I'd write some text, press enter, then pass the calculator around, and each person would do the same thing. Then, at the end, I'd print out the very long string of text that we had collectively created. Often the results were freakin' hilarious. Note that here I give the option for the poet to see the current state of the poem, but this can also be done "blind" where only you see the poem at the very end of the process. Currently I've written/assembled group poems that can be found here.

Here is the general flow:

  1. a person will type in a line of text to add to the poem
  2. the person will click to submit to add the line to the poem
  3. the person can continue to add more lines, one by one if they desire
  4. the next person will type in a line of text to add to the poem (and etc.)
  5. after a while, I will look at the text file and see what is there
  6. I will edit the poem as needed
  7. I will publish the poem

Every once in a while, I will look at the text file the group made and edit to make a poem out of it (for example, see Group Poetry 1). Please give it a try!

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