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Poetry Voting System


At the conclusion of each of the poems that I've written (you can read all of these poems for free on my website by clicking around here), I have Yes/No or Like/Dislike buttons for voting on the question "Do you like this poem?" or "Please anonymously VOTE on the content you have just read" that readers can choose to select after they read a poem. The voting is voluntary and anonymous. The only results saved to a database are the poem and the cumulative number of Yes/No or Like/Dislike votes. The database is backed up regularly to prevent bad actors or bots that attempt to make the votes inaccurate.

After the vote is cast, the reader is presented with the cumulative results for Yes/No or Like/Dislike voting on that poem. For example

The database can be queried to list the Top X Liked and Disliked poems. I decided to list the top 10 of each. Occasionally checking in on the database and the Top 10 Liked poems and Top 10 Disliked poems lists helps me gauge reader interest and see what topics and methods work. This query (shown below) is live, and you can click a link to go to that poem. Note that as of 5/2022, I have the voting active for all pages on, not just for the poems.

Top 10 Liked Pages on
1. /mathstat/pfindmoney.html
2. /mathstat/claytonsfallacy.html
3. /about.html
4. /poetry/found/100.html
5. /mathstat/objectionstofrequentism.html
6. /mathstat/bayesianlywrong.html
7. /explanation.html
8. /exercise/pfcircuit.html
9. /mathstat/krakenstician.html
10. /exercise/x3bar.html

Top 10 Disliked Pages on
1. /mathstat/claytonsfallacy.html
2. /mathstat/bayesianlywrong.html
3. /mathstat/billgateshtlws.html
4. /poetry/found/100.html
5. /mathstat/hansolobayes.html
6. /about.html
7. /exercise/oldrandomexercise.html
8. /mathstat/coinflippinginpython.html
9. /mathstat/freqcritique.html
10. /mathstat/krakenstician.html

What can other things we can do to help improve our poetry?

Thanks for reading.

Much of the code for recording the votes and querying the database was written by Mahlon Smith.

Please anonymously VOTE on the content you have just read:


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