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Introduction to Response Poetry


In this article, I discuss response poems. Response poetry is essentially a poem that responds to, or replies to, another poem, piece of art, or event. Of the poems I have written (which can be found here), of them are response poems.

To create a response poem, you first need to find something to respond to. The best way I have found to find things to respond to is to simply read a lot of poetry, books, and news. The more media you expose yourself to, the more things you will find, and the more you will find interesting and be motivated to respond to.

The response itself can take many forms. It can be like an argument or rebuttal, maybe even a "back and forth". The response can also be an homage, a continuation, a "remix", a description, etc. You can even respond to one of your own poems. Why not? The possibilities are endless.

Make sure to cite the piece that you are responding to. This way others will have a better context for your response.

To read my response poetry, check out my Response Poetry.

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