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Experimental Poetry 11


This experimental poem splits words in random places.

To illustrate this idea, I use my Haiku 305

Haiku 305

powerful wind gusts 
slip through the windowsill cracks 
winter inside me 

Now consider the effect of splitting each word (or not) at random places.

First, I have a parameter that is set to between 0 and 1, call it k. I then assign each word in the poem a random number between 0 and 1, call it ri. If ri >= k, then that word will get randomly split. The smaller you make k, the more words in the poem will be split.

The way the random split works is, first I get the length of the word, Li. Then I split the word at randbetween(1,Li). I then use the left() and mid() functions and concatenate to put the pieces together.

Here are some examples:

pow erful wi nd gu sts
sl ip th rough th e wind owsill c racks
win ter ins ide m e

powe rful wi nd gus ts
s lip thro ugh the win dowsill cr acks
wint er i nside m e

Check out the random splitting spreadsheet here. You are free to edit it as needed, but please credit if you use this idea.

Thanks for reading.

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