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Experimental Poetry 17


This experimental poetry idea could be categorized as "Freeverse" and maybe even "Found", with a pinch of "nonsensical". The idea is to take a very well-known poem or song, and change the words, characters, names, objects, professions, etc., but still have the source be familiar to the reader.

For example, consider the Bible verse John 3:16

for God so loved the world
that He gave his only begotten Son
that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish
but have everlasting life

Now consider one of my "remix" John 3:16, Freeverse 174
for God so shyly veted the sexuality
that She accentuated Her sweet ghostly Form
that whosoever denigrateth in Her shall not be haunted
but have cautious habits

Here are some other examples of this type of experimental poetry form.

Jack and Jill and my Freeverse 17:
Pogiv and Yaxi took a taxi
to persue some okra;
Pogiv dug in with solidified concentration
but Yaxi tossed them like a judoka.

There was a farmer who had a dog and my Freeverse 181:
There was a poet who had a struggle, 
And Zurfa was her name-A.
And Zurfa was her name-A!

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe and my Freeverse 179:

aufy, vaufy, vabe, vue
wreck a globe by the blue
if she disappears let us stew
aufy, vaufy, vabe, vue

Yankee Doodle and my Freeverse 177:
Cavob went to Mars
straddling on a gong
tugged a tail on her alpaca
and called it Mao Zedong

These types of poems can be randomly generated, non-randomly generated, or as I like, computer assisted (i.e., generate many realizations and take what is good, generate some more, take what is good, etc., and then edit as needed).

Thanks for reading!

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